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Administrative Section

The division attends to the personnel, administrative and accounting functions. This division attends to commercial accounting of fish products, marketing and costing of services extended to the fishing industry. The Institute has 135 employees on its rolls including 2 officers in the Group A (Gazetted), 7 officers in the group B (Gazetted) and 4 in Group B and 122 in Group C& D. 


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Visakhapatnam Unit of National Institute of Fisheries Post Harvest Technology and Training

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Realising the need for extending the activities of developing post harvest technologies along the upper east coast and to gainfully utilise the abundant landings of low value fishes and shrimp trawler discards, the Government decided to setup a unit of the Institute in Visakhapatnam.
The unit with a skeleton staff started functioning in rented premises during 1989. Subsequently, construction of permanent plant and office complex at an estimated cost of Rs. 262 lakhs in a one acre and 31/2 cent by Visakhapatnam Port Trust adjacent to Visakhapatnam fishing harbour was commenced in 1994 and the civil structure from Central Public Works Department was taken over during 1995. Erection of Ammonia Plant, boiler, forming, battering and frying line, flake, ice plant and plate freezer etc. are in the advanced stage and the plant is expected to go in to full stream production during 1999-2000.



About Us

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